Our services

unicorn on bristol council houseWe are local, personal and professional Bristol solicitors. We specialise in personal injury work and offer the following services:

Personal injury solicitor / accident claims

Our principal, Anthony Rigg, has over 30 year’s experience of personal injury and accident claims.

We act for claimants who have suffered all types of personal injury in all types of accident, including by way of example:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Tripping and slipping accidents (on the highway or pavement; or in shops or other establishments)
  • Occupational disease (e.g. Industrial deafness and asbestosis)
  • Injuries (or illness) arising out of faulty goods or equipmentbristol civil justice centre
  • Accidents whilst on holiday, including those that occur abroad

Our first meeting with you is free of any obligation and free of charge. We will meet you in your own home, unless you prefer to come to our offices. We will consider the circumstances of your accident and advise you on the prospects of any claim being successful and what the likely outcome will be. If you choose to proceed and providing your claim has reasonable prospects of success, we shall act for you on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis, with a view to achieving the best result as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Clinical negligence

photo of cabot tower. local bristol personal injury solicitorFrom time to time, we become unwell or injure ourselves and require the attention of a medical professional. This may be in a doctor’s surgery, health centre or hospital. In the UK we have an outstanding health service that usually provides an excellent standard of care. But sadly, sometimes things do go wrong, when those caring for us do something they should not have done, or fail to do something they should have done, giving rise to an undesired and avoidable outcome.

photo of st mary redcliffe. local bristol solicitorIn such clinical negligence cases you may be entitled to compensation. Understandably most people are reluctant to pursue claims against doctors, hospitals or other healthcare providers. However, if you have suffered, or are continuing to suffer, unnecessary pain and discomfort, or have undergone further treatment or surgery, which could have been avoided, you may be entitled to compensation. This could include any earnings you may have lost as a consequence, which could be significant. In addition, as well as monetary compensation, you may get the satisfaction of finding out exactly what went wrong, and in appropriate cases obtain further treatment and/or surgery, as part of the claim.

At Rigg & Co we can advise and assist you in making a complaint, or bringing a claim, if you have received negligent treatment.

Our first meeting with you is free of any obligation and free of charge  We will meet you in your own home, unless you prefer to come to our offices.  We will discuss with you the circumstances of your case, advise on the options available to you and how we can help you achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Civil litigation

photo of wills tower. local bristol pesonal injury solicitorAs we all go through our busy lives we will almost certainly become involved in a dispute of some kind with others. This could be with an individual or an organisation. Thankfully most disputes are resolved amicably by those involved but, unfortunately, not all.

Such disputes can come along in many different forms, for example, contractors not fulfilling a contract to supply of goods or services and not providing, or doing, what they said they would do; or you may have suffered some damage to your property or possessions through someone else’s negligence.

Should you find you cannot resolve your dispute, we may well be able to assist you with your problem with a common sense approach, supported by a good knowledge and understanding of any relevant law; to help you achieve a satisfactory outcome as quickly and effectively as possible.


Contentious probate

photo of clifton suspension bridge. local bristol solicitorIt is upsetting enough when a loved one dies; it is even more distressing when they leave behind relatives who are in dispute about what should happen to their estate. As our population is living longer and elderly relatives need care and assistance from family members, it is a sad fact that more disputes regarding the contents of a will or administration of an estate have arisen. We can advise and assist you in resolving these disputes. On your behalf we shall use our best endeavours to reach an amicable settlement with those you are in dispute with. If that proves impossible we can act on your behalf in pursuing any dispute by way of court proceedings.